Monday, February 26, 2007


A week ago, my daughter and her daughter came down for an overnight. I got to see Gdaughter's snazzy new nighty; I'd call it the cat's pajamas, except that it isn't PJs.

The real cat kept his distance from both the Gdaughter, her cat's pajamas and her shoes. That's odd -- usually he smooches shoes.
The next morning the 5-year-old's presence spread throughout the house. Stuffed animals on the futon...

...and the ice cream carton collection, out of its box...

...quickly taking up even more space as it is scattered.

The visit was called short -- time to repack the cartons.

But the little one took time to draw the head of her absolutely most favorite of all animals -- a horse. And taped it to one of the doors, of course, since the fridge is already occupied.

Here's another view of the drawing. She recently spelled her first word the other day -- P-N-Y, pony. I'm sure that H-R-S-E will be next.

Here she is, dressed up to go back to the high country, complete with another stuffed bear and the horsie.

Postscript: a few days later, I was taking pictures in the living room. Max cat spotted the box of ice cream cartons. Ah, a box. Just the thing for a cat to get cozy in. Result: the carton mess was quickly back.


Kate said...

Strewage. See? The stuffed bear is Bubby Franklin, aka "Sister" or "Brother", depending on which sex sibling she's interested in. The new horse is Leah, after one of the nurses in the hospital.

Granny J said...

It's all the Stuff problem, that's what. Admittedly, when a stuffed bear or horse has a name, then it's an Important Toy.

Linda G. said...

I always enjoy posts featuring your Granddaughter! She's absolutely beautiful and so smart!

A few years ago I was knee deep in darling little girls all dressed in pink and purple. They're still darling, but alas, outgrowing their old Gran by leaps and bounds.

Thanks to both you and Kate for sharing your charmer......

Granny J said...

I'm glad other people enjoy the posts about the little one. I always fear that my family reports might stray too far from the stated intent of the blog. But they are so much fun to do!

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