Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gurley Street Mural

You probably weren't aware that there was a mural at the back of those neat little shops on Gurley Street, just west of Granite Creek. I wasn't, until either Mike or Laura over at the Outfitters suggested I take a look at what I had totally missed on several occasions. In case you want to see the paint job, turn right on McCormick and pull into the parking lot behind the shops.

The theme of the mural appears to be the changing seasons, starting with winter on the right (below), and warming up as you move to the left. Somehow it's kinda backwards, to my way of thinking, but then I couldn't paint a picture if you paid me big bucks, so I should complain!

By me, the coolest elements are the great giant hot Arizona sun and the flock of ravens, Prescott's civic birds. On the other hand, I note that I missed much of what's going on at the lowest level -- I'd best get out there now that the leaves are gone and get a couple of pix.


Anonymous said...

A lot of work to paint that. It does look nice. Was it done by the owner or someone else?

Granny J said...

Certainly not the owner -- he's a big deal real estate operator. However, he set up the cottages on the side street as The McCormick St. Art District & no doubt encouraged a local artist or two to do the job.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, for the update.

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