Monday, December 04, 2006

Pinatas & More

The Mexican food store over on West Goodwin, in the Park Plaza shopping center is open. It looks good. Clean. Well stocked shelves. The cashier also said, "fresh baked bread every day."

And, in time for Christmas, a big supply of bright pinatas.

In addition to a basic produce section, plenty of interesting canned and packaged goodies.

A meat, cheese and deli counter.

And a bright yellow deli/ restaurant where, the owner assured me, they'd be glad to make mole for me! Wow.

All very interesting. One way of looking at it is that this old shopping center (Prescott's 1st, by the way) has suddenly become a place for food away from home. There's also the Thai take-out (above)...

...a little sub shop...

And a workman told me that the site of the former Liquor Barn is on its way becoming a bakery/ deli/liquor store, with the bakery predominating.

So I guess that change isn't always that bad! Even in Prescott.


Anonymous said...

Is there any way that you can dredge up a 'tilde' symbol to superpose on appropriate n's and r's--also accent symbols for them spick words??

Big problem here is el nino sans tilde as spoken by weather forcasters and TV weather types.


Steve said...

Wish we had a mexican eatery in this area.

Linda G. said...

The first bakery I remember in Prescott was in that shoping center. Julie Anne's........close enough to the high school (now Mile High middle school) to trot over to waste our lunch money on jelly doughnuts and apple fritters.


Granny J said...

Hermano Bill -- I suppose I could switch to a spanish character set; I agree -- not having the tilde makes for bad reading aloud! But it makes for extra words for the crossword.

Steve -- surely there are Mexican restaurants in Bavaria somewhere...yes?

Linda -- Do you realize that I've been here long enough that the Safeway was still anchoring that shopping center!!

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