Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Some Assembly Required

What, you ask, did I do up in the high country over Christmas? For one, I ate magnificently, thanks to a SIL who loves to cook. Stuff like roast duck. And, secondly, I was witness to that new American Christmas ritual, the final assembly of the season's toys, once they're opened. I've been fortunate not to suffer this indignity in the past and this year I was a mere observer.

On the other side of the family, my youngest granddaughter has one very indulgent grandmother! Look at that box -- it's bigger than the little girl.

A battery-operated Barbie Jammin' Jeep. In purple and pink. Suitable for ages 3+?? That's what it says.

Whatever. It took a helluva lot of wrapping paper to keep the contents a surprise.

Once the battery was plugged in to charge (at least 16 hours), it was time for the serious instructions.

With two to interpret, the finishing process proceeded apace. Which is to say, slowly.

The new car owner watched carefully as her vehicle was assembled.

And had suggestions, while she was about it.

Not only were there assorted plastic pieces to attach to the body, there were the decals to jazz things up. Even the decals had to be applied in the right order!

Oops! A critical part was missing. Fortunately, it was in that huge box. At the bottom.

Screwing in the pink seat module. Note the seat belts.

So where does this piece go? Perhaps on the steering wheel? Nope, that would set a bad example for the younger generation.

The granddaughter finally has her vehicle, complete to clock and radio. The latter is, amazingly enough, tuned to NPR. I didn't know that Barbie was aware of NPR.


angie said...

Looks like a major undertaking! Good to hear that the little one is getting off to a good start with her radio tuned to NPR, too.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't they have those things when I was a kid? I used to ride around on a broom stick with a faux horse head on top of it. Times have changed.

Granny J said...

Problem, Angie, is that they talk too much on NPR & so she switches back to the awful Barbie pitch. As for the stick horse, Steve, she's got one of those too, kept at my house. I figure the only way to top the jeep next Christmas is a real horsie, which the little one would absolutely adore.

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