Friday, December 01, 2006

Local Link of the Day

My son-in-law has a buddy who's into Route 66 in a big way. SIL, who's a map freak, is looking for an old road map of Arizona from the days before I-40 made driving across the state just like driving across any other state. His idea is to overlay old 66 on aerial map panels downloaded from Google Earth. Cool idea. First I searched my own map stash (I guess I also qualify as a map freak), but no old AZ road maps. Then I went on line and turned up this fine site which takes you on a reasonably good historic tour of the Mother Road and the cities and towns for which it was the lifeline. BTW, contrary to what the site author says, the cafe at the Monte Carlo turnoff didn't go under until a shooting occurred sometime in the early 90s. The truck stop there was in business the last time I went to Flag via Ashfork.


Linda G. said...

Great Link G.J.!
Both Lt. Beal and Lt. Amiel W. Whipple are facinating historical figures who contributed largely to Arizona's exploration and settlement, including discovering a number of botanical specimens.

Fort Whipple, built in Prescott around 1864, was named for Lt. Whipple, eventually becomming the VA hospital in Prescott.

Now, as you know, Rick Renzi, like some political bull in the local china shop, has re-named our historic landmark Bob Stump VA hospital.

Does anyone know anything Bob Stump ever did to benefit the Prescott area?

Anonymous said...

With respect to Route 66 in days gone by, I wonder if there are any Union 76 Decalcamanias about. I recall that we made Pop secure his petrol from '76' stations so we could pick up decals with town names on same. Pop also had to buy Raleigh cigarettes so Mom could have the coupon thereon for the acquisition of goodies.


Granny J said...

Linda, the one gift that Bob Stump gave us was his general habit of saying or voting "no". But it's too bad that the Whipple name went. As for you, bro, I recall the Raleigh coupons (sort of like S&H Green Stamps), but not the Union 76 decals. You should be writing this blog -- your memory is far better than mine! I'll have other things to say about Route 66, even Monte Carlo and the karstic country up there.

hermano said...

Our prized decal acqusition was one from Springerville where Unk Max & family were residing--1939


k said...

Considering the condition of many VA patients, there's something truly awful and inspired about calling it:



Granny J said...

k -- an apropros observation... except that Bob Stump was our congresscritter for a long, long time. He headed up the veterans affairs committee off and on.

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