Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Local Link of the Day

If matters art win more than their fair share of links, it is because there's something interesting to look at. Here I am again, with a link to a local artist whose studio is called Jaguar Glass. I've borrowed a piece from a full window to give you a taste of the work you'll find at this site. It includes a multi-panel glass mural of the Mona Kea volcano as well as a stained glass picture of the Space Shuttle that was owned by the late Ronald Reagan. I should mention in passing that I am very, very fond of stained glass.


Prescottstyle said...

Yule greetings Granny J! Prescott is very lucky to have a Jaguar, Glass that is. Jamie has been practicing the old school method of stained glass since the 80's when he lived in Hawaii. Some of his projects can be viewed when walking Prescott. The front doors on the McCormick Office Building on Goodwin St. The chandelier on the Jersey Lilly's balcony. Many more to list, but my favorite is the 20' geodesic dome he built for the Andersons on Downer Trail, I got to see this one in person. Wow!

Granny J said...

Thank you, thank you for the info on Jaguar Glass! Why don't you have some pictures of these at your architecture site, huh? I'd love to see that geodesic dome, tho I hate to think of build-up on Downer's Trail, where my husband & I used to walk!

Anonymous said...

Stained glass can be very exciting. The few German churches I've been in, have some nice glass work.

Lane said...

Geodesic Dome!!! Oh my! On my next visit, we're gonna talk our way into seeing that one. Know that I will cry...I did when I finally got myself in front of the Epcot geodesic ball...balled like a baby. Bucky Fuller, where are you?

Granny J said...

Welcome back, Lane! I've missed your off the wall comments, babe! Maybe the next time you show up in town, we can get prescottstyle to give us a pass to the geodesic dome on Downer Trail...hint, hint!

Prescottstyle said...

Hi Granny, I don't have any current pics of Jamie's art glass for Prescott Architecture Review. He just finished a "Butterfly" piece that needs to be photographed. I'll try to shoot it next year.
You'll see some changes to architectural blog in the next few months.
Yes Granny, I don't relish all the Development on Downer Trail either! That whole area just opened up to some more fresh building. To the folks who can afford those lots, goes the best views around!

Merry Christmas

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