Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wearing Your Heart On Your Guitar Case

The automotive bumper and the Tshirt are the usual spots where people declare themselves, whether their passion is politics (left, right, libertarian), a hobby, a profession or some other affiliation. But it looks to me like guitar cases offer another place to make personal pronouncements. For example, the chap who belongs to the case above was a folk singer at the recent Acker Showcase.

Not surprisingly, the white case above and below makes statements on behalf of a singer of cowboy ballads who appeared at a house concert I enjoyed this fall.

We're living in a wonderful world of self-publishing, whether the medium is an auto or paper or clothing or a blog on the internet. Or the container for a musical instrument. (My own opinion is that it was the Xerox machine that brought down the USSR -- it really opened the possibility for personal expression without the intercession of an editor or other censor.) Me? I'm cool. Tend to keep my strong opinions to myself -- mostly. Largely because I find that I wind up spluttering when I try to write with passion. That's why bumperstickers were invented!


hermano said...

With reference to Kinky Friedman front man for 'The Texas Jewboys', how did he do in the Texas Goubanitorial(sp)race?


catalyst said...

hermano - Sadly, 4th out of 4.

Steve G said...

An easy way to express one's self. Unlike a tattoo that might be hard to delete if your message changes.

Granny J said...

Too bad about Kinky! As for changing messages -- that's the nature of the beast as it ages & learns about the Real World!

Lane said...

I miss the stickers on suitcases from days gone by. Do they still make stickers in other countries suitable for sticking on cases? or did they all turn into refridgerator magnets?

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