Sunday, December 03, 2006

Local Link of the Day

One of my favorite overlooked Prescott area places is the Agua Fria canyon. Starting more or less at the Bloody Basin Road where the road crosses a Real River With Water, the canyon heads on down to Black Canyon City. It's deep, rugged and seldom more than a mile or two from I-17. Today, most of the canyon is within the new Agua Fria National Monument; features (aside from free-running water) include major Indian ruins and petroglyphs. I bring up all this background because a photo essay on the canyon by Bruce Colbert has been posted at the Coyote Radio website; Bruce works for the Big Bug News, which serves the area from Black Canyon City up to Mayer and Humbolt.

Note: Krazy Kelvin from way Down Under in New Zealand has listed Walking Prescott at his 21 21 21 Great Blogs to Read. Give it a look-see; he reviews some interesting stuff there!

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