Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hands Down, Heads Up

Have you explored Prescott College's Crossroads Center yet? If you haven't, you've a treat ahead. I suggest doing it in stages so that you can savor each (those gorgeous loos, for example.) Today, just a look for the surprises you'll find in the midst of the recycled broken cement terraces between the two buildings.

Hands, for instance. Especially the hand reaching out through the center of the cement block below.

It reminds me of this hand I found in the gardens of a local sculptor.

There are also two heads hiding amongst the building blocks. The little baby head (above) is almost impossible to photograph unless you are a caterpillar. Easy to miss, also.

Old concrete block is also the setting for this head. Take a closer look (below.)

I'll leave you with yet another unexpected head elsewhere, this fellow sitting low on a lichen-covered granite along Willow Street coming downhill from Coronado. Has a classic bearing, doesn't he, though he might have risen from the grave, considering how pockmarked his visage.

1 comment:

Steve G said...

someone had fun doing this. I hope they get a chance to see your post.

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