Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last Year's Ephemera

What better time to gather a handful of ephemeral pictures from 2006 than to celebrate the New Year! I'm in no shape to mark a ritual that has long outlasted its meaning for me, but I am fascinated by these odds and ends I found in my wandering the past year. For example, somebody had a birthday. #26, apparently. Without the magic of PhotoShop, I wouldn't have been able to bring up the worn chalk marks! I hope the individual in question is enjoying his/her 26th!

Don't know the pre- or post-history of this event which had something to do with 1) California (maybe -- note the cities) and 2) Prescott College, where I found the sign early this summer. Actually, I cropped off the best part -- the castle, which extends several inches below the margin above. Hope everybody got their $5 worth!

This is the sort of ephemera that gives greens the gollywogs -- a tiny oil slick I noticed one day during the monsoon rains over at the Chase bank. So pretty, so short-lived, so like each New Year!

A Happy 2007 to Everybody!


coyoteradiotheater said...

Hi J,

That grease board you found at Prescott College listed a number of local bands: "Hour of the Wolf" includes Addison, the hunky punk video clerk at Show Business Video as a member, fer example.

k said...

Happy New Year!


That mini-slick was hugely evocative of little ones I admired and splashed in as child in CA. For some reason I never see them here anymore. They wash out to sea too fast, perhaps. Or people's cars just don't drip oil like they used to.

How are you feeling?

angie said...

Happy New Year's!

Granny J said...

Glad to get a little info about my ephemera -- just enough to keep me interested, not too much, which would ruin everything! Thanks, K, I am feeling somewhat better. I still haven't spent any time outdoors as yet.

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