Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Business Names Can Be Very Strange

Driving East on Gurley, you're not very likely to take a second look at the sign on the right hand side, at one of the motels just before the junction with 89.

So do take that second look. A little closer. Get it? A Leap of Faith. Not a name that conjures up a tattoo parlor in my world view (excuse me, salon for the body art experience.) Sorry. My language shows my age. But then my commentary is really about choice business names. A Leap is one.

The other day I came across a small ad in the Courier. The firm in question will vacuum your heating/air conditioning ducts. Its name? Gesundheit! With a wonderful name like that, I figured it for a franchise out of California. But a consultation with The Google proved me wrong. Only two branches: one in the Verde Valley, the other up here in the hills.

Love those business names.


dd said...

i ENJOYED MY VISIT HERE...I love Prescott and just today was telling my son I would love to live there.

Prescottstyle said...

Yule Greetings Granny. People are coming up with those catchy biz names all right! Some names are so belabored and pretentious. Couple that with the full size car decals or signs and you got a cornucopia of media gone wild!

They even copy each other! I personally used "Achoo" air conditioning duct cleaning service from Phoenix last year.

catalyst said...

The first time we saw "Leap of Faith" tattoo parlor we laughed. Isn't it a "leap of faith" to put yourself in the hands of a tattoo "artist"?

Lane said...

Well, when I got my body piercing (dual belly button piercing), it was, indeed a leap of faith. I did, however find out that: 1-it is amazing how many varieties of clothing for an almost 50 year old are dependent on being snug around the waist; and, 2-getting your belly button pierced feels exactly like I imagine getting a good punch in the gut must feel like...oh, and how if you are allergic to metals in one part of your body (like your ears) how you are sometimes even MORE sensitive to metals in other parts of your body. I never could get pure enough gold to get the little holes healed, so now, I have some small scars around my belly button. Perhaps that was a leap of stupidity...but it WAS a freeing thing, just to go in there and do it!

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