Friday, December 29, 2006

Even at the Doctor's...

...there's still something to photograph. First the quick report -- the reason I've had to cozy up to the O2 machine almost continually the past couple of weeks is that I seem to have a touch of pneumonia. So I'm on a short course of antibiotics. We'll see how it goes. However, I was able to take advantage of the visit to photograph a few of the water colors painted by the doctor's mother.

What I like about this lady's work is how she evokes a rural western past that has long since disappeared. My grandparents were a part of that world -- yet even they were gradually separating themselves from it. Town mice, not country mice (even though my California grandfather still kept a cow.) My mother and father were of the generation that made the break with the rural past complete.

Not many would put a milkweed pod front and center of a landscape!

A more recent addition to the waiting room walls is this series of old tractors. None, I note, with caterpillar treads, like my Phoenix grandfather drove along the side of Baseline road so that he wouldn't hurt the blacktop.

And, finally, an old auto, abandoned along with a way of life. Reminds me of reading William Least Heat Moon.


Steve G said...

Granny J, get better soon. Lovely art work. She has a talent.

Kate said...

Thank you for going to the doctor's. I was worried. Keep us posted.

k said...

Granny J, I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling puny. And glad to hear you're getting it attended to.

This is really not a good time of year to be sick! But I'll forgive you, as long as you get better soon.

I'll be checking in so keep us posted as best you can, okay?

Granny J said...

Thank you, thank you for all the good wishes. They help keep me in the right frame of mind to get well just a little bit sooner. Today's sunshine helped,too!

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