Monday, January 01, 2007

Not Your Jewish Mother's Chicken Soup

By way of explanation: friend Linda G. and I have a small problem. She has asthma; I have a cat. That said, we usually meet on neutral ground! But Linda is also a great cook and she called me today, with word that she had a big cauldron of chicken soup, that her granddaughters were with her and that they would drop off a meal or two's worth of said soup. Sure enough, three stairsteps of girls showed up at the front door with a paper bag. Inside: soup, glorious soup. This was a remarkable soup. Nothing eastern or New York about it. Tomatoes, yet, along with the requisite onions, spices and oodles of chicken. But the most wonderful ingredient of all is something I would never have thought of. Ever. Nice big green chunks of avocado! Plus a wee bit of cheese.

Now that is food. Thank you, Linda. Guaranteed to make one better!


Desert Cat said...

That sounds something like the tortilla soup you can get down here at Mexican restaurants. Fantastico!

Granny J said...

That's what everybody is telling me, Mr. Cat. Whatever. It's certainly a real goody!

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