Friday, January 05, 2007

Links of the Day: a Pair of Space Ships

Talk of mystic synchronicity. Or plain, ordinary coincidence! Yesterday, I was touched by rocketships. I like that; I'm one of those romantics who is convinced that exploring -- and living -- beyond the limits of earth will provide food for the soul and give meaning to the future.

So: there was the news that yet another zillionaire was testing a space machine (above). Namely, Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame and fortune. Wonderful! I'm happy to have profits from my book purchases build spaceships. Go, Jeff, go!

Later in the day, my computer guy showed up to lay hands on the hard drive. And he starts telling me about his rocket that is sitting up on the hillside above the Coke plant over on SR69. His rocket? Well, it's a real collectible from the Space Cadet days of TV-- it apparently began its life as a Promotionmobile for the Luer Quality Meat Company back in 1955 SoCal.

The tale of how the "meat rocket," as it was known, wound up in Prescott's backyard is well spun at Weird US, and there's further background here and here (as well as the originals for the photos above.) Maybe my computer guy will tell his story on his own blog one of these days.


Steve G said...

Interesting post. I enjoyed the history of it.

Bruce Colbert said...

Hey Granny J,

Do you know how I can get in contact with the spaceship owner? You can tell Kim at Las Fuentes or give him my e-mail.

You're Web site is so incredible you should go national with it.

Bruce Colbert

Granny J said...

Bruce-- just go to Steve's blog & leave a message! There's a link at the end of the post...

Can't go national -- I only have pix from the Prescott area, Illinois and several boxes of old b&w family pix...

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