Monday, January 15, 2007

Vehicles That Work for a Living

To a walker, there's something reassuring about vehicles that do something other than move people from here to there -- all too often, a short distance that should be walked! Imagine driving this mechanized cherry-picker from 10-15 feet to the rear of the engine. When I first saw it, the two guys were washing high windows over at an apartment building. I, too, have second story windows that need such easy washing!

And here's a local garbage truck with its robotic pincers in action. I hadn't realized just how complicated the process was til I took a close look at this picture. By the way, I have a lot more pictures in this series -- all on the hard drive of my regular computer which is over at the shop where it should be getting a new power supply or some such replacement to make it whole again. Real Soon Now.

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