Sunday, January 28, 2007

Evolution: From Rock Shop to Gemstone Beads

Friend Georgene is about finished with her new beading book; Saturday was a day to escape her cage. I'm still slaving away on a huge database -- but needed a complete change of scenery. Besides, I have a birthday next Thursday; a birthday lunch was in order. Followed by a visit to Arizona Gem and Beads, over in PV.

For her, an indulgence in gorgeous new materials (and practical tools.) For me, a feast for the eyes (and color for the camera.)

A varigated array of individual beads...

...and brilliant strings of gemstones as well as glass seed beads. tools for work either muscular or delicate.

The availability of tools reflects the store's origins as a rock shop. Back in '81 when my husband arrived in the Prescott area, one of the more interesting stores he visited was Arizona Gems and Minerals, then on South Montezuma. Turned out that the owner, George Koldoff, was a lansman from Chicago. He even stocked fossils from the old Coal City strip-mining ponds south of ChiTown.

Over the years, we visited often, buying pretty polished river stones, picture sandstone slices, the occasional fossil, and mineral samples. The store moved to Gurley Street (near the Frame and I), then to the present Prescott Valley location. In later years, we lost touch but it remains a family business, now run by Koldoff's son plus grandson. I miss the older stock of rocks and minerals, but beading is in fashion , geology less so, I guess. That's change for you. Besides, I got the impression that expansion may make room for minerals again. After all, I did find some polished agate for my grandkids.


Anonymous said...

Are the customers tourist or mostly locals?

Granny J said...

I would guess thatbeading customers are primarily local. Beading is popular enough currently to support at least two other shops locally. Rocks, minerals & fossils -- I would suspect more of a tourist draw. But then the shop I described is not easy to find by tourons.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, for the reply.

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