Thursday, January 25, 2007

Flags for the Current Season

Brrr! That's the message of this seasonal flag I caught when walking the neighborhood this afternoon. Its setting, among the pines, is appropriate to the frosty mood. Looks very Kinkade-ish on closer inspection.

The local proprietors of the local JBs also make a point of changing banners to suit the season and/or holiday. Reminds me of the house over on Park Avenue that has lights and other yard decor for major holidays.

I've no idea just what this grand frog symbolizes. I don't think the Chinese have a Year of the Frog--besides, it was supposed to be the Year of the Pig across the Pacific. Perhaps the frog is an appeal for more moisture. With suction pads like those, he must be a tree frog of some sort. He's green like the tree frogs I recall from Florida -- but they weren't as fat as this guy. Believe it or not, there are two species of tree frog in Arizona, one of which is the official State Amphibian, beating out the spadefoot toad! (Getting back to the original subject, here is a site with flags and banners for every occasion or fancy.)


Anonymous said...

Was the frog banner on a house or business?

Granny J said...

He's high up on a house whose owner regularly changes his banner, usually with the season. I can't quite imagine what season a frog represents, but he's certainly a handsome fellow.

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