Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Sad Finish to an Historic Building

The Coronado Apartment building at Montezuma and Willis was built shortly after the turn of the century as a boarding house for railroad workers, according to the Courier. (The old depot and railroad yard were just around the corner, back when trains actually came into Prescott.) The historic building is no more, following a fire that gutted it last Wednesday.

Fortunately, only one tenant of the structure was injured. But it's sad to see history disappear right in front of our eyes. If I engaged in magical thinking, I'd say that this block of Montezuma is jinxed. Remember the former restaurant/bar up the street? On the other hand, there is another old apartment building (this one without an historic sign in front) which did survive a fire nearly a year ago.

What's the future of this corner? It's well underway across the street from the burned out hulk; the Compass Bank will occupy much of this new edifice; don't worry -- the yellow is slowly disappearing beneath a brick skin. I would guess that the apartment fire has created a choice piece of downtown real estate.

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Anonymous said...

Out with the old and in with the new, is not always the best.
Always sad to see history destroyed.

Granny J said...

I recall my first impression on my first visit to Europe. I looked around at Munich and was overwhelmed by the number and sheer visual weight of historic old buildings. How on earth could such a city make any room for the modern world. How to select what should remain and what should be forgotten? It occurred to me that the brutal and random destruction of war might be the only answer. A disquieting thought,as you can imagine!

Sam G, said...

Prescott has a long history of downtorn renewal by fire, I remember the lumberyard that was located where the new Compas Bank is being built burning in the late 40s and many others, Cline Motor Co., Barrows, and manyothers, at least arson is not suspected in this latest.
Sam G

Granny J said...

Right -- now that you mention it, I recall another one of those fires -- Foxworth Galbraith went up in flames, when it was on McCormick in the imitation Tudor building.

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