Sunday, January 21, 2007

Two Bonus Inches: Better Than Nothing

As a matter of fact, I was rather amazed to find the pots topped with a bit of snow this morning. The storm that had been hyped happened yesterday, when we also got two inches, but by bedtime, all that snow was gone. Today, after a night of light snow that added up to a seond two inches, the temperature hovered around the freezing point and the snow lasted a little longer.

A snow-whitened roof made a nice backdrop for the small pines across the way...

...and always looks picturesque on the juniper
The Max cat couldn't be persuaded that the weather was not fit for GrannyJ nor cat. He just had to get outdoors. Cats have their rights, after all. He didn't last very long; he's a reasonably intelligent cat.

He did leave a couple of neat paw prints in the snow.

Quite as cool: the first car prints coming round the bend. I'm rather amazed at how the camera renders the white snow in so many different colors!

And then there was the assortment of trails made by one of the next door dogs, his master, and a pick-up truck.

We had some melt; it always begins with the rocks, which hold heat.

The snow is always lighter in the shadow of a big tree; the bare spot above appeared early.

And so we got a wee share of the big storm that is now barrelling for the Plains and the Midwest, where they will be hard hit again. I do wish that Prescott had received a few more inches of that moisture!


Anonymous said...

Snow in Arizona. Good for you...or not. We're still dry here, but expect some by tomorrow. Maybe I can take a picture or two.

Granny J said...

Snow in AZ? Of course! I'm at 5400 ft. daughter is at over 7000 ft. Tain't all desert...though I recall tales of innocents vacationing in Phoenix deciding to view the Grand Canyon (7000+ ft.)in midwinter & showing up in shorts & t-shirts. Brr! A big mistake! In an average year, the daughter expects between 70 and over 100 inches of snow.

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