Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another Indoor Day: Too Cold for the Cat

But first, a confession. I realize that I am a lousy monkey. A lousy cat. My curiosity gene is crippled. I am an abject acceptor of the status quo. Did I think to go exploring and take a look at the "Applications" list when I first tried out my candy-color loaner Mac? No, indeed. I saw the display of program icons at the bottom of the screen and whined about missing my PhotoShop (among other programs.) Today, I finally did look inside -- and, guess what, yes indeed, there was PhotoShop, along with Word and many other apps. The full drill.

I suppose that if I hadn't been stuck inside because of the cold out there, I wouldn't have bothered to look inside the computer. Yes, it was another cold day in Prescott, hovering around the freezing point though the sun was bright. Even Max Cat thinks twice before he actually goes out the door in this weather. But his memory is very short term. After a period of window watching...

...it's time to plead with me to open the front door. Again. Out he goes. It's cold. He's back at the door, squeaking in his funny little voice to be let back in where it's warm. Sort of.

So the cat is indoors most of the day. When I visit the bathroom, he trots along because any beast with half a brain knows that water fresh from the faucet is better for a cat than stale old water in a dish. Better even than water from my glass.

And he opens the kitchen cabinet doors. Max can't stand closed doors. Once he discovers that a large oblong in a wall is a door that can be opened, he will sit by it, waiting patiently for a people door-opener to do his/her duty for the Cat.

Another excellent indoor activity for a confined cat: leaning on the keyboard while I try to do a little research. Note the papers (left) that he has completely covered with Max.

Did I mention the cat's hang-up on waste baskets? What he really wants to do is curl up inside; in the process of getting there, he spills the dang thing.

Tho I can't blame him for this mess I found on the front porch this afternoon. I had put the black garbage bag outdoors, planning to take it downstairs to the city receptacles. An hour later, I found this. Who? Probably the family of javelinas that's been hanging out in the neighborhood -- two adults and two little guys.


angie said...

I am so tired of this cold weather! If I'm gonna be stuck inside, it would be nice to at least have a little snow.

Glad you're getting the hang of the loaner 'puter & that it's got the apps you need. Between that and your busy kitty, you should have plenty to keep you occupied.

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Well, two days ago they were forecasting a SNOW storm for this weekend. Just checked the forecast now, nothing there :(

Oh well, I guess we are in for another dry winter. I fell sorry for the Fireman, they will have a hard and long fire season this year. Looks like the Bark Beetle will be the only happy one from this drought.

This whole climate shift is making me rethink where I live. The front page of yesterdays USA TODAY stated the the Arbor Day Foundation announced that climate zones have shifted. Some as much as 2 zones in the last 15 years. The reason? Higher average temperatures. I love Prescott but this decade long drought & higher temperatures is really changing the terrain. I hope our weather turns but all the data is showing otherwise.

I look at it this way. I can still sell high. Even though the real estate market slowed, our prices have steadily increased 3-5% from last year. Those Californians have got the cash and are still willing to buy Prescott property. Hmmm... maybe central Washington would be a good place to move to????

Granny J said...

Actually, Angie, I have a horrid deadline staring me down -- a data base I've got to get finished by the end of the month, if I can do it. So I don't mind the indoor time, except that my furnace is somewhat underpowered forthe weather we've been having.

As for Central Washington, Sir/Madam Anon, what if Ranier decides to blow? However, you've made me realize that what is really needed is a climate history for all states and other potential landing spots. The problem with a global deep freeze, for instance, is that it usually is accompanied by a very dry climate; wet climates are associated with higher temps...etc.

There's always Vancouver Island, though. It is bonnie indeed.

Anonymous said...

Smart cat. We've been having unusually warm weather. Had a strong wind storm last night.

Granny J said...

Hurricane force was what they said on the radio last night...what we're having is another no-precip storm. Argh!

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