Sunday, April 08, 2007

Caught in the Act?

What do they use these days? Soap? A more up-to-date product that comes in a spray can or a tube? Whatever the media for the scribblings, the motivation completely escapes me. A mean streak, certainly. I think I got the car above one night shortly after the act.

In this case, I was out walking of an afternoon and realized that I was witness to a "soaping". I think. The incident was last summer and my zoom lens wasn't up to the task of Real Photojournalism, i.e., catching the perp in The Act. However, it came close.

But, then, this young lady might have merely been curious, just as I was. She may have known the owner of the victim car. Whatever. Certainly a testament to the fact that in the USA, one's car is one's persona.


Anonymous said...

Better soap than paint. I seem to be having connection problems today.

Granny J said...

That's true -- though I don't think there's such a thing as red soap! BTW, I have to admit that I felt more like a voyeur than an intrepid
investigative reporter as I watched that young lady....

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