Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ghosts of Cars Past

I hadn't intended to box myself into an existentialist corner when I tackled the problem of those wonderful old cars on display at the McIlvain Motor Co. I merely wanted to get pictures.

Two problems: #1, the owner died, apparently his heirs are not interested in continuing the business, and all is tied up in probate. #2, the showroom windows face south and reflect like crazy, resulting in images of cars past overlain with cars present.

So, the question is, dear reader, which car is the Ghost and which is the Reality, out there on the street.

The Triumph manages to assert itself! Lovely car -- we had a TR4 when we moved out here to Wilhoit; a car made for tooling back and forth on the White Spar. It was bright red

Here is the prize of the collection, however. Look closely through the reflection of here and now and you get the outlines of this beauty.

The photographer (me) managed to create enough shadow to bring out the elegantly upholstered seat. Red.

But, like the Cheshire cat, the car relic is less substantial than the reflection in the showroom window!

One of these days, the probate business will be settled and the question will arise of what happens next at the corner of Gurley and McCormick. In the meantime, hie yourself down there to lust after those antiques while it is still possible.


Avus said...

An unusual aspect (the old with the new reflected) which makes for a great photographic essay.
Hope they eventually open the museum back up.

Granny J said...

There's no telling what will happen -- I suspect those old cars might go for a pretty penny at auction. And tain't a proper museum -- that's what is across the street from McIlvain.

Catalyst said...

That yellow Triumph caught my eye. I had a caramel-colored MGB in the once-upon-a-time years.

Granny J said...

Sadder words never said than one's own, private once-upon-a-time!

stitchwort said...

Oh, brilliant photos!

Those sports-car days ended in a pram (device for transporting babies, for the younger generation, and they were probably never called that in the USA, anyway).

Anonymous said...

My TR 3A was Pillar Box red with white upholstery and was a joy to drive--wind through hair and all that (had hair then albeit cut short). Then a Morgan Plus Four, then a Jaguar Mk IV Saloon (sedan to the plebs), now a mere Subaru wagon. Where's Kate??


Anonymous said...

It looks as if you are standing under the umbrella then your gone.

Anonymous said...

The angle of incident equals the angle of reflection, lets get you a polarizer for your new hotrod Canon. What filter size does your camera have? I have a box of polarizers that I don't use anymore. I'll be glad to let you have one. Toodles.

Granny J said...

Wow! Car posts really hit close to home; I had a batch of comments to greet me when I got up (including more spam from Bad Alex.)

Ms. Stitchwort
reminds me of the ride in the "back seat" of a tiny sports car when I was mightily preggers. Very difficult to get in, accordion myself, and later get out!

And, Bro, you have the same ride as the dotter, who, by the way, was in Tulsa on a biz trip.

Steve-- I didn't fade away-- I was trying to get a pic without my reflection!

And, Paul, you noted that I was making lemonade. I hadn't thought of polaroid -- so long ago that I took physics and my late husband never tried taking pictures thru show windows. Thanks for the offer, but I've probably got a bunch of filters among the film-era camera gear he left behind.

k said...

My God that was beautiful.

And perhaps you should add one more label:


Or maybe, R.E.D.

Chickenbells said...

Lovely know? At one point the McIlvains offered this building to The Sharlot Hall museum...and they turned them down. Can you believe that?!

Thank you so much for coming to visit me at Snap Snap yesterday...It was truly a delight to meet you. Enjoy your paisley!

Granny J said...

Thank you k, for reminding me that the post deserves a R.E.D. tag!

And, Ms. Chickenbells, you have inspired me to do my paisley post tonight. Note to everybody: Ms. CB has owned & operated Snap Snap, a resale/ consignment shop on Montezuma Street for the past 12 years. And, yes, I did take pictures, tho I'm not happy with some of them and I will probably return to retake some.

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