Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Trees do wonderful things in early spring. This past week I've collected several shots that intrigue me. All involve what you might call dangles of one sort or another. The tree above looks like it belongs in the maple/box elder clan; those are last fall's seeds hanging in clusters even as new leaves burst open.

To my surprise, I learned that the quaking aspen produces an inflorescence, similar to that of the pussy willow, which lengthens into the forms in this picture.

Not sure at all which species these dangles belong to. But they're mighty photogenic.

This cluster reminds me of a delicate but elaborate earring. Again, I'm ignorant as to the brand of tree, but appreciative of the artistry.


k said...

My goodness, how beautiful! That last one reminds me of some Eastern Indian silver jewelry I used to sport. Earrings.

I was exceeding fond of them. Finally, one day, one broke.

Well...guess that's what I get for wearing them so often.

I think much of art is conscious or unconscious mirroring of nature. But I never thought of those earrings that way until now.

Granny J said...

Surely there must be trees in India that hang their flowers/seeds in such a delicate cluster. Thank you for your kind words, k; I'm glad to have touched your memory button!

Terrell said...

Nice pics!
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Granny J said...

Thanks, Mr. Limb -- and good luck on your environmental education carnival. I'll stop in from time to time & occasionally I might have a post suitable entering.

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