Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Easter Parade, 2007-Style

Easter is upon us. I've seen four different Easter-themed flags around town today. For example, the jolly rabbit at JBs, above.

There was also this curious sign at the cash register as I paid for my breakfast. I wonder 1) just how big is the world's largest Easter bunny and 2) who certifies that this particular animal fits the billing. Spoil sport, that's what I am.

This afternoon, when I called on Mom over at Las Fuentes, she was with a group who had been coloring Easter eggs.

Here's some of their product!

And look at the dye all over Mom's hands.

The house of holiday lights has been decorated for Easter for a good week or so.

This was part of the promotional decor at the CVS pharmacy.

Plenty of seasonal merchandise, including chocolate bunnies. After all these years, I suppose they comprise a tradition of sorts. As a kid, I preferred my chocolate rabbits to be hollow. Don't know why, since a filled one adds up to a lot more candy. Maybe it's because the nougat filling diluted the sheer chocolate-ness of the hollow form.

They also had bean bag peeps...

...and, wonder of wonders, one item that rather diffidently brought up the subject of why Easter. It set me to thinking about this totally Disneyfied holiday. Chicks. Colored eggs. Bunnies. Is that all there is? I'm not a religious person, but Easter, after all, has major historic significance. It is the high point of the year for most Christian congregations. A pity to see it so trivialized.

Seasonal note: There have been a surprising number of referrals from The Google to my post about the Shrine of St. Joseph. The shrine must receive many visitors at this time of year.


kate said...

But... but... bean bag peeps!

Anonymous said...

Parsnip Pete? Never heard of that one. Is it local?

Cherye Barta

Granny J said...

Kate -- obviously nothing is sacred when it comes to $$$!

Cherye -- you got me; I suppose Parsnip Pete is found somewhere in a kid's book or DVD. Certainly isn't something local -- CSV is a big national chain.

Anonymous said...

Today is Good Friday and a holiday in Germany. Yes Easter is upon us.

Granny J said...

Sounds like they allow religious holidays in Germany. As you probably recall, here people are allowed to take off on religious holidays, tho they are not officially sanctioned.

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