Saturday, April 28, 2007

Critter Report

Periodically, the critter pictures accumulate; this is one of those times. Let's start with my neighbors' dog, Cain, who has taken to observing the koi fish as a favorite pasttime.

And, of course, there's always javelina news. Spotted this fellow in the middle of the street up the hill from the library as I was headed over for the PWP meeting last Wednesday. He came downhill past the library, garnering a good deal of attention from the assembled writers...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... I tend to leave the door open to air the house out periodically. On one such occasions, this wasp entered -- and desperately wanted out. He was perched on the window when I took this picture.

I don't know if this is an event to celebrate -- or for weeping. Tis the first snail of the season. Looking for munchies.

And here's a triumph, of a sort -- I finally caught a raven with the telephoto, me in the kitchen and Rosco dwarfing the neighbors' bird bath. This, by the way, was a quite small portion of the picture.

Other folk have done far better than I at capturing images of local critters. The last batch of pictures submitted to the Courier's on-line gallery included terrific pix of an eagle in a resident's tree, pronghorns and a fox in a tree. And if eagles are your thing, do take a look at the nest photographs at Ocean and Forest Walks.


Anonymous said...

Nice close up of the wasp.

stitchwort said...

Had to google javelina - little wild pig? Looks about the size of a small dog.
Are they a nuisance? Dangerous? Cute?

Granny J said...

Steve--I just wish I could do that well with a raven or other bird!

Knitting Lady -- javelinas are not quite pigs, same family, different species. Dog size, yes. Nuisance, for me, yes -- my house sits on land that has been a traditional path for a nearby herd of the critters. Cute? Well, go back to Firefly Forest & take a look at some little ones playing. Very definitely one of our natives.

Jose said...

All nice picture, hate wasps though and the one of the raven, that was a good catch.

coyoteradiotheater said...

Do not be fooledby javalina. They can look very cute. They are very tough. They have to be. They're pretty much bacon on the hoof on the edge of suburbia.

They charge hard and they don't scare easy. Trashcans are they're favorites and they do a very good job of tearing through one.

And, if you get one stuck trying to burrow under your fenceline, as I did a few years ago, save yourself the hassle, call Fish and Wildlife. The scared, angry javalina will want your ass for a tea cozy even as you try to help them loose.

Granny J said...

Welcome, Jose! I'd like to catch a better raven for you the next time. Some nice shots at your photo blog and congrats on tying up a great title!

Hi, Coyote RT, sounds like you've had your javelina adventure, alright! I've heard tales of folks being marooned on the tops of their cars, surrounded by a herd of the pigs, though most problems occur when someone mucks about with the little ones.

BTW, a lady who's a long-time resident says that javelina are not native to Prescott, that she recalls when the Forest Service brought some into this area. Anyone else ready to weight in on this question?

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