Monday, April 09, 2007

What, Me Afraid of the Dentist?

Driving east on SR 69 into Prescott Valley, it's hard to miss this building. No, it's not a franchise toy store. Would you guess that it's a dentist's office? Oh, yes, he does specialize in children. There's a similar structure over on west Gurley heading toward Gail Gardner Way. Same dentist, they say.

I have questions about this establishment. First, does it entice children -- or scare them? Mikeb took his picture of the Gurley Street version in black and white; he says, The[se places] are just sort of creepy and I wanted to portray just how sinister they feel to me.

Another question: is this idea an original -- or something that is, to use the word properly, a meme in the dentistry trade, promoted in the appropriate specialty press?

Note how the crooked house theme is carried over to the bench, waste can and even the shrubbery (below.)


Anonymous said...

That's kind of neat for a dentist. I can see the eyes of little kids light up with the thought of going there. Of course it wouldn't be that way when they walked out. Grin.

m i k e b said...

sinister i say!

Linda G. said...

Worse.... Children are spirited away to some inner-sanctum where sleepyness is induced and Mom and Dad are verboten. My Grandchildren didn't like it and much prefer the ordinary dental experience with Mom or Dad in the room to share in the anguish. They're especially gratified when they cry and look over to see tears rolling down softie Mom's cheeks.

Granny J said...

Steve -- I think I'd be afraid of the wicked witch who obviously lives in such a house.

mikeb -- it may look that way, but possibly it's just misguided.

lindag -- and you are the only one speaking with the voice of experience!

k said...

I keep coming back and looking at this thing. Undecided. Disturbed.

I greatly disliked clowns as a child. I just found out my Walter did, too. He was afraid of them.

I don't like this thing, here. It strikes me as sinister, too.

Granny J said...

k -- I'm not in the sinister camp; I'll credit a Peter Pan complex -- or quite as likely, a major merchandising ploy.

angie said...

Okay, am I the only one who suddenly finds themselves thinking about the ChildCatcher from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" whenever you drive past this place?

k said...

heheh! Granny J, I bet you weren't afraid of clowns.

Much of the fantasy-type children's entertainment gave me the willies as a kid. Disney, all that. As a child of 2 or 3, I went with the family to Disneyland. And to general astonishment, I absolutely hated it.

One more reason it could not have been easy having me as a kid...

I try to remember that and not be too harsh when seeing things like this dental office.

Sometimes I fall down on the job.

Granny J said...

Actually, as a child, I was a reader; Hollywood (including Disney) always disappointed me because the films always seemed thin compared to the real (i.e., print) version. I think this building is like Hollywood and it's patronizing, to boot.

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