Monday, April 30, 2007

Lincoln Street Ducks

To avoid the traffic and the traffic lights when heading to Mom's, I often cut off Grove onto Lincoln Street, using the grade level crossing where the two creeks come together. Despite this year's dryness, there is still a tiny trickle across the street and a puddle between Lincoln and the reconstituted footbridge (above). Lo and behold, one day there was a pair of ducks swimming happily in the puddle. I saw them several times thereafter and managed to get one picture of the female of the pair (below.) Haven't seen them for a couple of weeks, however, so I am assuming that they did the sensible thing and headed for one of the nearby lakes.

I've never before seen a duck in any of the local creeks, not even Granite Creek, until this occasion. There's always a first time, of course. This was it.


Anonymous said...

That's neat spotting a duck in a local spot of water for the first time. Gives one hope for better times.

Granny J said...

Neat it was, Steve. Though I questioned the mallards' judgment!

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