Saturday, July 14, 2007

All Politics Is Local

That's the saying to explain why Americans are, generally, down on Congress but mostly happy with their own congress critters. However, the crowd dressed in black at the Square on Friday was there to protest what they see as arrogance on the part of the county board. The issue: widening Williamson Valley Road from two to five lanes. There were signs aplenty.

Highlight of the rally: the announcement that the Friends of Williamson Valley are filing a complaint against all three county supervisors, accusing them of ignoring the General Plan, which does not include the big road widening project. Guess which people on the steps comprise the FWV board members and which is the lawyer.

My position? I'm for anything that will slow creeping Californication of Yavapai County -- especially the back country, what's left of it. Way to go, Georgene!


smilnsigh said...

Thank you for your comment over in my City Photos blog. You must have a lovely small Arizona mountain city. With such balconies. I love them too, and was 'turned on' to them by my Granddaughter. When she was little, she just loved to see balconies, when we were driving around. :-)

And good luck with anything you can do, which will slow creeping Californication of Yavapai County -- especially in what's left of the back country. The word Californication really rings a bell with me!

We live in a not-too-big NE city, which years ago, went way down-hill. Being in our 70's, and being part of the work which went into rejuvinating and preserving our lovely old Victorian ambiance, of our downtown and all over... we are very protective of our city. As are the next generations. That said....

It's sooooooo prettttty and quaint and lovely, that people from San Francisco and NYC and all over, come here. Love it! Love it! "City In The Country" And thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... They get into City government and proceed to want to tweek and change it!!!!!!!!!!!

If they loved it so, to just "HAVE TO" live here, why do they want to change it?!?!?!

Our city has looked at and discarded many change ideas ourselves, over the years. We are not "preserved in aspic"! But the new people bring in their big city idea men, who come up with the same old ideas, and won't listen to those who have lived here... that they don't work here! Etc. Etc. Etc.

So you can see that I am with you locals there, who know what ISN'T good for your area. -sigh- -sigh- -sigh-


Granny J said...

Mari-Nanci -- our problems are not just with the newcomers who want to repeat the same mistakes they left behind. Our city & county govts. seems to be run by Good Ole Boy types who either just want to cash in on the newcomers or who suffer from Big-City-Envy and want to see their beloved little town "grow up" so they can be proud of it. We have the inheritors of wonderful ranch land who don't want to be ranchers, preferring real estate development -- something that Real Ranchers hate. Plus there's the water problem, Big Time -- I could talk on and on....

Anonymous said...

Good luck in keeping it small, but I would suspect that after we are gone, the nice small towns will also become a thing of the past. Way too many people trying to streach out. Perhaps the environment will slow them down.

Mónica. said...

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Granny J said...

steve-- I don't know if we'll actually run up against the real barrier, which is water. I suspect that, when the chips are down, we'll dry up the Verde River to support our real estate habit.

Monica -- welcome to Prescott. And kisses back to South America!

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