Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jack Lemon's Store

You can't miss it as you drive into "downtown" Skull Valley out the Iron Springs Road. The sign says "eggs, produce, feed." Obviously, firewood is an important fourth item at Jack Lemon's.

And here's old Jack himself, together with the friend who suggested we stop at Jack's on our way back from Yarnell last spring.

The interesting stuff is in the shed; the question is how often any of it gets sold. It's more than slightly miscellaneous.

There's classic transportation for an infant. Plus horseshoes.

An enormous stock of assorted animal carvings from Mexico. That looks like a lot of dust -- but then dust accumulates pretty dang rapidly in a world where 4% humidity plus wind is not uncommon.

A good supply of tabby cats, blending into an old sofa.

And the item that no western store worth its name could be without -- the intact cow skull.


Anonymous said...

Lots of characters in that neck of the woods. Enjoyed the post.

sheoflittlebrain said...

I always drive by Lemmons saying we should stop there someday, and expecting, for some reason, a fruit stand.
Instead, a combo art-hardware place!
Love the blending kitties....

Granny J said...

steve -- I always figured that if I were in a Western-oriented sort of mail order business, I'd make sure my PO box was in Skull Valley.

Brain -- it's well worth a stop or two. But then you introduced me to Dead Things down in Yarnell...

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