Friday, July 13, 2007

There Goes the Neighborhood

So -- are the schools good? Is the house near a temple or a mosque? One more, large-scale indictment of a culture that believes a spell-checker and high self-esteem can take the place of learning the language. This billboard-sized boo-boo is on Miller Valley at the Rodeo Drive turn-off. If you enjoy this sort of self-inflicted torture, I recommend a short visit to Apostrophe Abuse, for a real dose. As for me, I need a break from long posts that cost an hour or more in the arms of PhotoShop. See you tomorrow night!

Oho! I have to add this one: the web site for, get this, National Punctuation Day. Complete with interactive games for the kiddies. I wonder if they have interactive games for teachers, too.


Anonymous said...

And a well deserved rest it is.

quilteddogs said...

I saw this sign as we were leaving town last week. I wasn't sure that I had read it right at the time but your post shows I did. Funny.

Granny J said...

steveg -- all too short, at that!

QD -- A friend checked out the affair. It is not sponsored by Yavapai College, but by a Christian group that has hired the hall at YC. Wonder which of several positions they will take! Maybe they should put Spelling 101 as the first requirement.

Catalyst said...

Oh, good one, GJ. I'd seen the billboard several times and in my haze of driving, thought it had somehow to do with home selling. Silly me!

Granny J said...

More likely a biased (one way or another) look at just how to divide the home sites.

stitchwort said...

You'll know Lynne Truss' book, entitled "Eats, Shoots and Leaves", which is about punctuation abuse.

Recently I saw a sign advertising "avorcardoes" - not quite what we call "the greengrocer's apostrophe", but a humdinger in its own way.

(And I hope I've got all my punctuation right...)

Granny J said...

I have come across references to that book, Ms. Stitchwort. As for the"avorcadoes", I fear that green grocer would be laughed out of the Southwest!

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