Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Water, Real Water, Falling from the Sky!

You may think it's strange for people to react so viscerally to a couple of storms. On the other hand, take a look (above) at Granite Creek. Dry as a bone on this past, hot Sunday when I took the picture; think of that old cowboy song, Cool Water. Compare with the view through the neighborhood pines today. See what I mean?

Here's today's rain, running down the street to join a rushing stream at the corner. No question that Granite Creek was filling fast.

The oak stems were wet from today's rain; the juniper held lovely drops of water.

Our mountain world begins to change drastically once the rains arrive. Good examples sent over by my neighbor -- an entire ant colony washed out from under the driveway concrete and ready to fly away... and a new crop of mushrooms in a patch of lawn.

Up my hill, a couple of mossy stones have started greening up -- and the ground was wet enough to catch a stranger's paw prints. Possibly a skunk or badger.

Another result of the change in the weather: the air now holds enough moisture to condense out generously on my cold bottle of water. Thus a new way for Max cat to quench his thirst without visiting his water dish. The pink arc is his tongue.


OmegaMom said...

Bah. At our house, we've had a few little rains. Key word: Little. The weather service reports an official total for the month of .39 inches for the month; our normal is 1.11 by this point in July.

k said...

What beautiful water that was!

Catalyst said...

Strange, it rained most of yesterday afternoon and evening, then not a drop today. I guess we must give thanks for small favors.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy it while you can. Our short drought is over. It's much cooler today and a light rain is falling.

Granny J said...

Dotter-- I keep seeing rain symbols over your house on the weather maps; don't know how much rain we've had month-to-date.

k-- yeah, beautiful, cool water.

Cat-A-- today's rain seemed to be concentrated west of the Bradshaws, but then you had a good one last week while we were sweltering.

steve -- it's hard to imagine a drought of any major consequence in Germany! BTW, our rains, when they happen, really, really cool things down.

hermano said...

Oh joy!! We too are supposed to collect three fronts starting tomorrow (Thurs) and maybe some of the predicted rain will reach the wheat-belt area, much of which is parched.

Good to see that the'monsoon' is monsooning.


quilteddogs said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful. I'm coming up this weekend so I hope there will be some rain left in the clouds then.

Granny J said...

Bro -- I thought that when we had good rains in AZ that it came by way of taking moisture away from OZ.

QD-- the rain has really taken the edge off the heat -- I'm back to a lightweight blanket at night.

Gadget said...

I love your cat's response to the water on your bottle!

Glad you guys finally got some rain. I hope it keeps up!

Granny J said...

Too bad you aren't here to experience it, Gadget.

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