Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Second Raven Todo

The neighborhood ravens are shouting, engaging in close-up fly-overs and generally carrying on. The reason appears to be a stubborn adolescent, who has landed alongside the next road up the hill and refuses to take off to join what must be his parents. Picture? It's too dang hot to climb the hill, which would probably push the lout into action anyhow.

This is the second incident of the sort. While Sson and family were here, we drove out toward Granite Basin Lake to a spot where Bob has a study site. While the younger folks hiked off into the heat, I moseyed around in the shade where the pick-up was parked. Shortly, a major raven todo took place nearby. I looked for the source of some of the quieter shouts (above). A bird is there, by the way.

Came in close & no bird.

Finally, caught bird one, posing nicely.

Turns out there were two younglings. Hopping about in the branches. Looking for grubs or other goodies. Even flying from branch to branch.

The one thing they wouldn't do is take off to join the grown-ups. The parent crowd had flown off, circled on the updrafts, disappeared and then come back about the time my crowd returned and we left. Hence I've no idea when or if the teen-age ravens ever moved from those two pine trees.


Lucy said...

Aren't they magnificent? I'v eonly seen them off the Western Isles od Scotland, and at the Tower of London. These ones in your pics look like sheet metal cut-outs!

Granny J said...

I call the local ravens Prescott's Civic Birds. They are magnificent-- and fascinating, too. Individual ravens have staked out every dumpster at every food selling establishment in town and they scour the parking lots. Often you will see a raven with half a McDonald's bun in his beak.

k said...

Magnificent birds, and magnificent pictures of them.

Granny J said...

They are certainly magnificent birds -- my favorites. Brainy critters, too. As for raven pictures, I'll be happy when I get good pictures of the Courthouse Ravens, from egg to adolescence.

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