Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cool Grotto

Yes, the humidity has moved up a lot -- from 4% midday into the 20s. But the rains have not arrived. So my grotto is where I have been taking my meals as the Arizona sun beats down on Prescott. My back "porch" is actually cut into the granite hillside. It gets a little bit of sun in the afternoon, but not enough to heat things up.
And it is a great place for visitors, here the daughter & Sson.

The grotto also shelters a pile of wood for the fireplace that I'm very reluctant to use, seeing as how the chimney reaches right up into my one big ponderosa pine. Besides, it is inhabited. Most likely a chipmunk. I've been leaving him/her a single cherry every morning, which is gone by 9 p.m. If I'm lucky, I may get a glimpse of my guest; if I'm very, very, very lucky, I may get a picture.


Anonymous said...

Yes please, get a picture.

Lucy said...

That grotto looks most inviting! Looking forward to seeing a chipmunk picture.
Enjoyed your last post with your granddaughter, well done you for keeping her so well amused!

quilteddogs said...

That looks like such a nice space. Necessary as well since it was so hot in Prescott last weekend.

Granny J said...

steve-- I'll try my best, but I've never heard a peep out of my guest-- just occasional gnawing sounds from the woodpile.

lucy -- as I said above, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. As for the kiddo, she's easily amused, but easily distracted, too. Can be a problem.

Ms. dogs-- Sure was hot, as you said. Looks like we might luck out this afternoon, tho.

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