Wednesday, March 12, 2008

B-I-G chimney...

If you've got a chinmey this big, there must be a fireplace attached that requires Serious Logs. Like the stack below. A quite large Ponderosa pine must have furnished all this heating material. And don't weep for the tree -- it was most likely felled by the bark beetle infestation.

We still have quite a few people in the area who heat with wood stoves or fireplaces; after looking at my gas bill for February, I can understand the reason. It is a lot cheaper to take the chain saw plus the pickup or the 4x4 out into the forest to cut a season's supply. Especially with all the fallen timber that, I'm sure, the Forest Service is glad to be rid of.


Anonymous said...

Is that a stone chimney? It would be nice to see a view of it on the top of the house.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blue sky behind that chimney, GJ. We're supposed to get rain on Sunday, so the storm may move east your way.

One more rain before spring and summer set it sure would be nice.

Will you be writing a wildflowers post this season? We're seeing an explosion on the hillsides. Would love to see the Prescott-area wildflowers! :-)

~Anon in AV

TomboCheck said...

That's a chimney that means business! :)

smilnsigh said...

How lucky you are there, to be able to just go out and get wood.

GrannyJ said...

steve -- from my vantage (the best I could find) it was either the top of the chimbly or the roof & no chimbly top.

anon av -- was it two years ago my cousin sent a picture of the lupines on the mountainsides at Tehatchapi--so I can imagine what Calif. will look like this spring, away from all those houses, that is.

tombo -- the building (which is now a house) was at one time a dance club & so the Big Room needs plenty of fire.

SnS -- that's the thing about the West that one fast becomes aware of: so much of the land is the Peoples' Land that you can go walking, driving, dancing on without fences and Keep Out signs. In one way, it creates a generosity of spirit; in another, it encourages a certain type of person to take advantage of what's out there. BTW, I tried to leave a message, but discovered that I couldn't remember my Google password.

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