Thursday, March 27, 2008

The bike's in the tree. Where else?

Nothing out of the ordinary about this business sign on West Gurley. If anything, said the woman at the door who figured out why I was out front with a camera, the sight above (see below) might give clients a better clue as to the businesses' location.

"I tell 'em to just look for the bike in the tree." Apparently it's been there for nearly two months now, though I just spotted it yesterday evening. As you can see, quite a ways up.

My friend and I certainly couldn't figure out how the machine was hoisted into position. But it certainly makes a neat landmark.

Two days ago another transportation/tree combo caught my eye. In this event, two tires each topped by a platform, up in a tree. Much too big to be for most birds; too close to the house to be for big birds. Possibly positioned for a tree-climbing kid -- although, by me, there are just too dang many pesky branches in the way for a pleasant climb. Ah, well, it takes all kinds. Especially in our little city.


Anonymous said...

I saw the bike too, A prank above all pranks! Couldn't they just throw his shoes up there instead?

Changes in the wind said...

Strange happenings:)

Warren said...

My guess is that those AC power lines in the background have a small leak...

They are probably running at 60 Hz (60 cycles per second), so just a small leak could let one cycle escape, landing it in the nearby tree. *smile* -- couldn't resist

Granny J said...

style -- throwing shoes is so yesterday.

windy -- keeps my life interesting, it does.

warren -- ah, but what magic gave it substance?

Anonymous said...

I've been out of town for a few days, but glad I returned to see the bike in the tree. I'm waiting to see a new Smart car in a tree.

Granny J said...

steve -- or in a church bell tower or on top of a college dormitory. At the very least, on the sidewalk or front porch.

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