Saturday, March 15, 2008

Quilted eye candy

When we entered the Prescott Community/Adult Center the other day, I was stuck by the high quality -- and brilliance -- of the quilts on display in the entry hall. If I am not held to my primary colors (black, white, khaki and red), I admit to a preference for a rainbow of bold bright colors. Like most of these quilts.

Of course, they have the advantage of being 1) new and 2) created for display. Today's art quilts aren't part of an old fashioned, thrifty way of life, sewn from yesterday's worn, faded and torn garments. They will never be scrubbed on a washboard or be dried on a clothes line in the harsh sunlight. We have other (and better) ways to keep warm.

From one point of view, there is something quite decadent about cutting up pieces of cloth just to make another, intricate and unnecessary piece of cloth.

On the other hand, a modern quilt can be quite beautiful.

This dark one I especially like.

But those big display pieces weren't the only quilt art on display. In the dining room were four quilted pictures. Here are three of them -- sorry, number 4 was not completely visible to the camera.


Helen said...

Those quilts are gorgeous. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite!

TomboCheck said...

My grandma's house always had lots of quilts, though they were definitely the depression-era type that were a good recycling of old clothes.

These quilts are a world different, and very pretty (though I would almost feel bad actually using one...). Great find!

smilnsigh said...

Yes... yummmmmmmmmmmmm... I like the 4th one, and the all over flower one. :-)

smilnsigh said...

Flower vase one, I mean. Wow!!!!

Karen of Scottsdale said...

The 1st one is my favorite!

My mom has quilts she made with her grandmother. She can tell you about all the scrap pieces that used to be her clothes from childhood and teen years.

Granny J said...

helen -- welcome; enjoy the lot of them!

tombo -- these days, you should be ashamed to use any old quilt. They are valuable heirlooms.

SnS -- I agree. Especially if you see it up close, to realize that each of the flowers is a separate piece.

karen -- there are three of them I am particularly fond of. I am reminded that I should show some of Mom's crazy quilts she made during the 80s/90s for her granddaughters.

Anonymous said...

Nice quilts. I have a couple that my Grandmother made. Keepsakes.

Granny J said...

steve -- you are fortunate. All I have from one grandmother is a crocheted bedspread; she made one for each of her daughters, each with a slightly different pattern

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