Sunday, March 23, 2008

Forecast: sunshine galore

Many years ago, the dotter announced that for Christmas, she wanted a sun for her wall. A big sun. One of those excellent suns you see in Mexican restaurants, for example. It sounded like a perfectly sensible and easy-to-fulfill request. Hah! Not very likely. For, though today's product line of consumer suns is much more varied and bigger in size, I still get the impression that there is a secret place where the owners of Mexican restaurants go to get their particular style of sun, no Gringos allowed.
Here are stake-into-the-ground suns I saw over at Home Depot a week ago. Metallic and burnished, radiating desert heat like a John Huston movie. Not the ambiance that would suit the proprietor of a Mexican restaurant. No way.

The closest to those smoldering disks is this sun from Garcia's. But this fat fellow is ready to blow a little breeze your way to cool you off.

Next, a sun from Casa Sanchez. This is, in general, the type of sun that we searched for, fruitlessly, for the dotter for Christmas that year. I really like this guy!

Though I dearly admire the colors and designs that decorate these ladies on the walls at Annalina's, I am troubled by the vacant eyes! Sexism, that's what! I'm sure that a strong, masculine Sol would definitely have real, all-seeing eyes.

Nonetheless, I'd still like to know exactly where one can buy this sort of a sun.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Failing all else, why not contact the basketball team of the same name in the valley of death??


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the smiling sun. We actually have some today.

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment on Hermano's blog, but it wouldn't allow one from wordpress

Anonymous said...

These smiling sun faces can't be the work of a Southwestern Indian who is thinking like an Indian.

They are the work of someone who is thinking like a gringo.

The real sun in the Southwest is an oppressive and fearful thing.

Anonymous said...

Those various interpretations of the sun remind me of CBS Sunday Morning when at the beginning of each segment there is a new stylized sun. Most creative. Certainly every bit as creative and varied as the selection that you have shared here.

quilteddogs said...

The color of the last two suns makes me think of Oaxacan art, although I don't know if they are. Thanks for all the posts on quilts. I absolutely loved them! They were gorgeous.

Granny J said...

bro -- that sounds too much like work! Besides, I really don't believe in basketball. When I was growing up & establishing my belief structure, it was baseball and football, all the way.

steve -- I wish you more of the same. as for Hermano's blog, that's weird -- he's using the same basic software as I am, which is to say, Blogger. I suppose you could go in as anon.

boonie -- but then much of Mexico is a huge mountain range; the sun has a different aspect there!

wandrin -- a friend sent me an email suggesting I google "sun plaque"; she sent me several of the results, which were grand.

qd -- one of the sites I just mentioned had what they called talavara style painted plaques. Very similar and not really like the tourista-priced talavara objects I have around the house.

kate said...

What kind of dimensions are you looking for? If you do a search on "Talavera sun", you may come close to what you are looking for...

Talavera Emporium

kate said...

Ooops, should have read all the comments, you already know about Talavera, I see!

Granny J said...

kate#2 -- don't apologize -- I would never have thought of googling talavera sun. The big one was splendid -- but 1) they won't ship it to dotter in Alaska and 2) they're sold out, anyway.

C. Marie Byars said...

Hello, again! I bought some for my husband in Albuquerque a few years ago & manged to sneak them home for the following Christmas. Straight terra cotta. I was picky because I wanted one to have a crescent moon superimposed. . .then I bought him tempura paints to fix them up the way he liked!
Plan to finally make good on linking other sites to mine, so yours should show up on "W & A" before too long.

Granny J said...

cmarie -- I'd be honored to be listed. And would love to see your suns -- do you ever post pix?

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