Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Going to pot

Unfortunately that is just what happens to one's favorite plant containers. This faux half barrel, for example. I spent this afternoon tending to my potted garden instead of walking; the first order of business is to determine which pots to keep, which to toss. There was no saving this long-time stalwart and so I removed the soil and a handful of bulbs to the slick green planter at right.

It's really too bad; I like the look of wood. But after 10 or so years, it does begin to give in to moisture, fungus and such. Here's another favorite beginning to recycle itself.

This clay pot won't last another season; the yellow columbine just beginning to leaf out will have to be moved.

Another of my nice big round containers has become deciduous!

Even my strawberry pots are beginning to show their age.

As are the big plastic window boxes, which have served me well for more than 10 years -- and can't be replaced. At least in the large size that I prefer.

For this year, at least, several plastic containers I had in reserve will have to take the place of my preferred wood and clay pots. Now for a trip to the nursery!

Blogroll Additions: Over at the right there are several lists of links; I've just added three new blogs to the Arizona contingent: Changes in the Wind, Phoenix Rail Food and Touch Wind. In particular, I recommend you take a look at today's post from Touch Wind; he has pictures of some awesome outdoor model railroad layouts. New on The Wide World list are Frogtown, with a grand bunch of school dinosaur pix; Steve's The Red Squirrel, a beaut from Germany whose ear tufts rival our Aberts squirrel, and his World Pictures. I'll add my bro from OZ when he gets another post up at his new site.


worldphotos said...

The wood ones are the best looking, but time takes its toll on them. Thanks for the nod.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Spring Cleaning has begun, GJ? Looks like you have your work cut out for you!
~Anon in AV.

Changes in the wind said...

Thanks for including me:)

Avus said...

I never cease to be amazed at the interesting pictures you get from such mundane articles, Granny!

sheoflittlebrain said...

I wonder if sealing the inside of the clay pots would help? I have a number crumbling away too. If I get more, I think I'll try a little Thompson's water seal. I wonder how the plants would take to that..hmmm...good post anyway, GJ:)

Granny J said...

steve -- I agree about the wood containers, but planning the contents can be a challenge. BTW, everybody should meet your squirrels!

anon av -- the reason you see all the dead stuff in my pots is that I leave the dried leaves to protect the plant over winter -- that's how nature does it. On the other hand, it looks pretty gross right now & yes, it will take a couple of days to clean it up.

windy -- those layouts were too cool to overlook.

avus -- the secret I learned from my magazine's art department years ago is to crop in close on details. There's almost always something unexpected in details.

brain -- I figure the problem is leaving the pots out to survive the weather in hot June/July and cold, cold December/January. Especially the latter. I know, I could, somehow, take the poor things in for the winter, but with that much work, I think I'd give up container gardening.

Lucy said...

Rather nice to see things breaking down gracefully like this, clay and wood returning to earth...

meggie said...

Some great postings Granny J.
Rather a shame about the ravens, but I suppose it will stop nasty overhead splats??
I have been wanting to get our garden freshened up, in the back yard, but since it is Autumn, it is not the time of year really.
My Camelias seem to think it is nice though.

JuliaR said...

I can only dream of gardening right now. But dream I do! I will be planting herb seeds indoors at the end of March, for planting outdoors at the end of May. I can feel the sun getting stronger in spite of the refrigeration effect the snow still has. And the fact that this morning, it was -14C (or 6F). Brr.

GrannyJ said...

Lucy -- I am amazed at how fast the wood becomes soil, even here in dry Arizona.

Meggie -- I wouldn't dare try camellias here, tho perhaps I am not adventurous enough.

juliar -- after seeing all that snow that is piled up in your vicinity, I find myself wondering just when spring will show up in Ontario!

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