Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An early Easter this year

When the holiday house over on Park Avenue changed the outdoor decor from St. Pat's to Easter at least a week before people got out their green fedoras, I was puzzled. Then Jean sent me to Snopes where I learned that Easter takes place unusually early this year, as its 2008 date is March 23. The last time Easter fell on so early a date was 1913 and the next time it will do so will be in the year 2160. Seeing Easter fall on the earliest possible date, March 22, last occurred in the year 1818 and will not happen again until 2285. There you have it. Time for my annual round-up of how America secularizes almost anything once sacred.

Fry's featured Easter cookies at the same time as the St. Paddy's cookies.

I found this assortment of Easter-themed thingies at Big Lots. Note especially the Easter pinwheel...

...and Ms. Bunny, all dressed up in holiday finery.

In the meantime, over on Park Avenue, the scene was set for what looks like a visit from grandchildren.

Easter is an occasion for changing the decor at restaurants, of course. These shots were taken at Gizie MaGee's.

Easter decorations as art objects? That's the picture I didn't get, but you can find at Rowena's blog . Over at the Arts Prescott Coop Gallery on Whiskey Row.

As for special holiday events, they happen on next Saturday just in front of Easter. I'm scratching my head to figure out where the WallyMart is going to hold its grand Easter egg hunt. Surely not among the merchandise (oh my, what fun that would be!) ... if not, then in the parking lot in the midst of all those cars? Unfortunately, I have other places to be on Saturday so I'll never know. I'll be downtown for Georgene's beading book signing, to be exact. At the Arts Prescott Gallery. Which means I might catch a few photos of the big city sponsored Egg-Stravaganza 9 to 3 on the Square. Pay a $ fiver for a basket to decorate, then hop to businesses around the Courthouse to fill it with goodies. Plus inflatables, games, and a free egg hunt.


Anonymous said...

We have had a mild winter leading up to Easter. Until last night. Snow finally hit. I guess the colored eggs will be easy to spot.

Granny J said...

steve -- I got a look at your Red Squirrel sitting on a snowy branch. Apparently northern Europe has had a mild winter, while out SW & middlewest have experienced an extra cold winter.

David Kirk said...

Granny J: Great pictures as always. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

GJ, the winter has been mild this year, like last year. It was kind of nice to see the snow. It melted during the day and is snowing again this morning. A little is okay, but I'm ready for spring.

Granny J said...

david -- Thanks! Happy Easter right back at you.

steve -- I am ever so ready for spring. This week is light weight jacket weather, which is very, very welcome.

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