Monday, March 10, 2008

Courthouse without ravens!

As I promised yesterday, I visited the courthouse today to see if the ravens had nested.

Was I disappointed! No sign of those birds -- or of almost any others. Not even a pigeon. Perhaps all the barbs that have been applied to every landing surface did the trick. Certainly not that phony owl lurking there in the shadows...

However, it was a beautiful spring day and people were out enjoying our wonderful Courthouse Square despite all the "no-no's".

There was more than one picnic in progress. Note that the grass is greening.

Yes, people were out with their pets, which is a common occurance, tho not, as a rule, when the pet is a budgie.

Amenities at the Square include a gazebo for band concerts and similar events. In fact, as we head into the warm months, there will probably be a big do on the plaza almost every weekend, not to mention evening dances and music during the week.

Some details of our classic governmental edifice. BTW, I had never noticed that you had to stand on your head to read the time late in the afternoon.

Of course, a medallion for the county board of supervisors (above) and the seal of the county court (below).

Among the many polished brass signs on the Square -- this one (above) honoring locals who served in the armed forces during World War II as well as a plaque introducing visitors to a little bit of Prescott's history (below).

The day was friendly, too. One lady who had moved here yesterday wanted to know more about Prescott. Then I briefed a group of visitors from Seattle and Boston about the statuary and where to get a good meal, while the owner of Gizie MaGee's Deli, where I had a yummy apricot turnover, chatted about growing fruit in the old California and how one dried apricots. A good day.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Looks like a pretty tight squeeze
for slide trombones and sousaphones in the bandstand. Possibly the pioneer bandfolk were smaller of stature than today?


Anonymous said...

What a great site to see this a.m., Granny J! Love the courthouse! Thanks for the views of the architectural details.
~Anon in AV.

Changes in the wind said...

You did a wonderful job highlighting one of my favorite places:)

TomboCheck said...

Too bad there were no birds! :) Great photos regardless!

Jan said...

granny j..what a great day!

Granny J said...

bro -- actually, it is a rather sizable bandstand & I've never seen any player have a problem.

Actually, anon, I had never taken a good look before either. Being able to blow a photo up helps a lot.

windy -- one important item missing, of course -- the Bucky O'Neill & other sculpts. However, I am gathering material for a blog on Civic Statuary.

Tombo -- I really miss those adolescent ravens.

jan -- yes, it was. One of the delights of the day was the number of people just sitting on sunny benches in front of the stores opposite the Square.

worldphotos said...

I enjoyed this post. Nice to see some of the area.

Granny J said...

steve -- the Square is truly the focal point of our little city. Residents & tourons alike enjoy it whether there's a Big Event or not.

Lucy said...

Hmm, that picnic looks a bit like an organised gathering to me, I hope they had a permit!

Prescott should pay you, I think GJ.

k said...

What an incredibly beautiful building.

I love doing that with photos - how you can suddenly see detail you never knew was there.

GrannyJ said...

lucy -- my hunch is that they don't look homeless & unshaven, so the authorities probably look the other way, figuring they're harmless.

k -- I wonder what the designers of buildings feel when they realize that so few people will ever notice the many details that abound.

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