Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coffee at the Wild Iris

Gentrification -- it's a very mixed bag. Too often, the plainer lines of an honest past are traded for an imaginary (and thoroughly upscale) re-creation of an idealized history. In contrast, the courtyard on Granite Street is one of the times it really works. What was once an old, unused warehouse is now the home for a gallery, a coffee house and a beauty salon. Plus outdoor seating when the weather warms. A perfect setting for the Wild Iris.

Outfitted in lavender and pale green, this coffee house is quite a contrast to, say, Coffee Roasters over on Gurley. The interior is spacious...

...somewhat elegant -- and appears to have attracted primarily grown-ups. (Yes, adults also like to have Wi-Fi for their laptops. No, I don't carry a computer in my wanderings...)

I like to sit there with my coffee and a goodie, staring at the patterns made by the lavender ductwork.

The neatest feature of Wild Iris is a pair of picture windows overlooking Granite Creek. Of course there is Van Gogh himself (as well as a reproduction of one of his irises); the door (below) connects to the gallery next door. All in all, a very satisfying arrangement.

A Pair of Links: For the Scandinavians among us, there's the handy Viking Answer Lady to make certain that your helmet is equipped with the right kind of horns or that you've got your gods straight. Much more up-to-date is the contribution from my SIL -- Billboardom, which does for outdoor advertising what LOL Cats does for our feline friends.


Kim said...

I have similar feelings about gentrification.

Haven't been to the Wild Iris, but I walked past it last time I was in Prescott and it peaked my their ceiling! Thanks for sharing your pics...

Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice place for a cup. Do you think they will survive?

Anonymous said...

That gorgeous and large furniture piece in the Wild Iris... looks very vintage. Look at the drawers. I wonder what it was in a previous life?

If you like LOL Cats, you'll love the original... I Can Has

~Anon in AV.

TomboCheck said...

I've been to the Wild Iris about a half-dozen times and have always have good experiences. Good coffee, generally friendly staff, and as you stated a beautiful interior. All in all a very decent place to grab a cup of joe and reflect for a few.

Granny J said...

kim -- you should stop by Wild Iris on yournext visit to town.

steve -- you raised a question that I asked myself last night as I was writing the post. The answer is that I've no idea!

anon av -- it would take quite a house to provide a home for that particular piece of furniture!

tombo -- maybe we'll run into one another one of these days.

Lucy said...

'the plainer lines of an honest past are traded for an imaginary (and thoroughly upscale) re-creation of an idealized history.'

That's such a spot-on observation, always makes me a little sad, though I like novelty and comfort as much as the next person.

I do like those ducts, remind me a bit of that film 'Brazil'!

Avus said...

I like to relax with a book in a good coffee house, looking up awhile to "people watch".
Wild Iris looks like it would suit me down to the ground.

Granny J said...

avus -- like I remarked, Wild Iris appears to attract primarily grown-ups. I think you'd like it. I do.

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