Saturday, February 07, 2009

Look, Ma, no hands!

The building at the NE corner of Gurley and Cortez Streets was originally built as the Prescott National Bank back in the 19-aughts. It remained in the banking biz until 1957, when the Valley National moved down the pike to the premises at Granite Street now called JP Morgan Chase. Most recently, this corner building housed a real estate office promoting the American Ranch development. Of course, RE operators are pulling in their horns these days and the 1st floor offices/showrooms have been vacated. However, one matter has me quite puzzled: why did the RE folk take the time to remove the hands on that corner clock? To me, it looks embarrassingly naked.

Were the hands perhaps removed by the building's owners who didn't want to be responsible for keeping the time correct? Or might it have been the high price of electricity to keep the clock running.

Further question: will that rather elegant sign (above) painted on the Gurley Street side of the building remain, to weather through time, thus joining the ghost on the north side of the structure (below). Rather hope so -- it's a great reminder of our current follies.

Blogger Get Together: Unless we're hit by a half-foot of snow tomorrow, the local contingent of bloggers is scheduled for another get together. In honor of the occasion, I've updated the links to our local posters in the right hand column. Some of the blogs new to the list include Bindle Stick, Dove and Snake, Inner Eye, Prescott Past, Romance Magic, Simplewise and Victorian Vices.


worldphotos4 said...

Have a good get together.

quilteddogs said...

Hope you get a lot in attendance. I'm looking forward to summer when I can make one of your gatherings.

Granny J said...

steve & qd -- wow! more people than I expected & we had a great time. Can hardly wait for next month...

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