Monday, February 02, 2009

One mystery solved?

I promised (sort of) Ms. Anon of AV that I'd report back when I found out what those pink ties on the alley guy lines were all about. After today's short stroll, I may have figured it out. (Everything but this coil, which remains a mystery. Does cable always come complete with pink ties already attached?)

So -- as you see, a post has been installed to hold the line higher than its previous position. If you look closely, it is evident that there is a driveway next the shed.

Peer down that driveway: lo and behold, a major project involving trucks to-ing and fro-ing, loaded with decades-old siding, fixtures and such. Obviously, it was necessary to lift the guy line to let the vehicles through. Though I note that there are still pink ties on the lower end of the support line. How come???

Another view of the big project from a side alley.

And from the front, on Park Avenue. It is quite rare to see so a major a gentrification project in this neighborhood. As a finale, a peek through the upstairs window into a bedroom.

Not so incidentally, this vintage vehicle appears to be part of the new arrangements at this address.


Tony said...

Ah, one thing always leads to another doesn't it? Today it's ribbons on the wire and the next you're in the midst of urban redevelopment. Hope they're renovating and not replacing. I suspect Tombo might be a bit jealous of those pink ribbon reflections in the car bumper. And finally, I seemed to have been remiss in wishing you a happy 82. Please accept my belated best wishes.

Linda G. said...

I've always been enamored of that house. I wonder if they'll enlarge or refurbish according to historical pres. guidelines..
I wonder if the pink ribbon is just to show that the line is there so people don't run into it. Ditto the coil of the big red balls they put on powerlines to warn aircraft.

Granny J said...

tony -- it was a total surprise to me when I spied all that destruction work going on! Tombo might well envy the classic car as well.

lindag -- a man coming out of the house spoke of a facelift -- no telling toward which century. As for the pink ribbons, the curious thing is that they weren't above the driveway, but instead above the lower section of the guy line.

Prescottstyle said...

That house on Park will really look great with its new wood windows. It's amazing when you can see all of the old layers of siding and such on old stuff like this.
Oh yea, Felix Cupleanos Julie.

Granny J said...

Thanks, style. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Anonymous said...

Mystery not only solved, but I spy a house and a car I'd love to own. LOL

Thanks for the 411,

~Anon in AV.

Kate said...

I want that car!

Granny J said...

anon av -- the best I can do for you is keep you posted on the porgress on the house -- sorry!

kate -- that car is proving to be a big hit!

Avus said...

I can understand the need to hi-light the wires, but why pink? Would have thought fluorescent yellow would be better.

Granny J said...

avus -- most of the ribbons I've seen have been tied to trees which are about to get lopped by the utility guys so I always figured that the pink was just a diluted representation of blood. Never seen a fluorescent yellow civic-mayhem ribbon; maybe yellow is reserved for those scene-of-the-crime-keep-away boundaries.

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