Sunday, February 15, 2009

Critters in the winter snow

This has been my week to be on the receiving end of critter pictures from all over the Prescott area. The buck deer above was browsing beneath a bird feeder over in Mountain Club, while friend Leslie met up with the javelina (below). Note how close to two-dimensional the lady is in this picture.

These guys on the other hand look quite sleek and well fed by their friends in Mountain Club.

Here is the resident roadrunner, all fluffed up, at Bobbi's up in Chino. She reports that he's a fine bird, tho she doesn't really approve of his appetite for baby quail.

And over at friends Patty & Bob, the ravens continue to gather -- and prosper. I was especially taken with the photo through the venetian blind.

My thanks to all the friends who are keeping me in critter pictures; I seem to be limited to household pets currently. Yes, I have noted signs of my javelina troop, but I haven't caught a single glimpse of them recently. And, yes, my dotter did spy a raccoon on my back porch, rummaging through the woodpile where the chipmunks make a nest. But nothing for the camera.


Anonymous said...

Lots of nice critter shots. Enjoyed the post.

Anonymous said...

Ditto worldphotos4.

Are you still snow bound? If yes, how many inches remain, do you think?

We're getting lots of rain today on the Left Coast, so it may be coming your way tomorrow.

Hope it eases the drought conditions somewhat.

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

steve -- I really appreciate receiving all those photos from friends!

anon av -- I've still got 2-3 inches in some places, tho it is melting. I guess your storm is due tonight & tomorrow. The snow level is dipping down well below 5000 ft. so it will be cold.

Kim said...

so cool!

diana said...

Wow, that's a big buck! And kind of strange to think of javelina living in snow country.

Granny J said...

kim -- what's really cool is that I've got all these friends to be my eyes and cameras!

diana -- I never really looked at it that way -- we've had the javelinas every since we moved here, so I just take them for granted.

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