Friday, February 20, 2009


So I waited until too late to consult the owner of the laptop to find out just how to download a single folder from the thumb drive I plugged in earlier today. PhotoShop has an aggressive take-charge attitude & was determined to schlurp up all 840 pictures on the drive, even though they were carefully separated into folders. I figured the lot of them would chew up too much memory & crash the machine.

Thus a brief report on today's walk -- down to the Goodwin Street Pharmacy. Depressing. The little Mexican grocer is gone, replaced (briefly, I'm told) by an establishment called Gyros. The little sandwich shop is finding business too slow (I'm told). This after reading Oddball Observations that Sue Ann has put her PV Apple Pan up for sale. However, I lucked out enough to find the new thrift shop open, for a change.

And some reader was kind enough to printout the post about Tai-Phoon, which was tacked up on one of the walls of the take-out where I ordered ... Thai take out, what else? Made me feel loved and almost as much a celebrity as the dotter the day she was spotted down at Sky Harbor by a reader who shouted, "It's OmegaMom!"


Lucy said...

I thought I'd come to the wrong blog when I saw writing only!

What fun to be a recognisable blogger. Hope the 'puter problems get fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

Apple Pan in PV up for sale?

Oh, no! Say it's not so! I loved eating there with my PV family.

Robert's Market is gone... torn up for a new building and a pizza place.

Growth. I guess.

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

lucy -- I feel quite naked without the pictures! However, after a note to the dotter, I realized that I had panicked & I now think I'll be back in business tonight.

Granny J said...

You can still do meals over at the original Apple Pan in Prescott, tho it's always sad when a favorite place closes. I pretty much gave up on PV when I last headed for Berry's and discovered some sort of sub joint in its place. No more straight rhubarb pie for GrannyJ!

Linda G. said...

Hope you get your sour apple back in good running order soon, GJ!

Granny J said...

lindag -- at least I've got a small supply of pictures on the laptop now, thanks to helkp from the dotter,

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