Sunday, February 08, 2009

This 'n that

It's been cold, with back-to-back storms in the neighborhood the next few days, plus another storm on tap for the following weekend. Not a propitious time for even a short walk around the block. Hence this 'n that.

Number one: about midday on Friday, the knocker was knocked, the door opened to a strange young lady with a small gift bag in hand. She was from the Ruffner Wakelin Funeral Home , with a one-year remembrance of my mom's death -- this angelic little fellow. Thanks, folks! Totally unexpected!

Number two: back-to-back winter storms always prompt one (at least, this one) to lay in supplies. Sorta like Y2K, but not quite the same order of magnitude. (Or perhaps I am recalling the many tales from old timers about the great 19-aught-67 snow storm.) The kitchen table got very crowded as I unloaded, which prompted Max cat to plop right in the middle of stuff to supervise. Note that cats, too, suffer red eye problems.

Number three. By this morning the snow had arrived. As you may know, pine trees were invented for snowfall pictures. Too bad they shrug off much of the snow by early afternoon. Just four days ago, when the weather was a good 30 degrees warmer, here's the same pine in a different pose, catching the last bright light as the sun hides behind our hills.

Number four. Just part of our blogger gathering -- before we had to add another table for late arrivals. 18 folk (including two spice) were present. A great get together with most interesting people exchanging ideas and information. We're hoping to do this on a monthly basis. (Note: for more pictures of the gathering, click on over to Oddball Observations, where Catalyst has posted several. There will likely be more & I'll post links as they occur...)


Catalyst said...

Great time at the Blogger gathering, GJ.

So far, only a very light dusting of snow here. The weatherman promises a big storm moving through today but radar still shows it well into California.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

We're at the opposite extreme from you'uns, 40C anticipated tomorrow. The poor buggers in Victoria, had 46C (117F) when the bush fires went raging. Probably the worst fires and deaths (131 as of this evening) ever and some fires still are out of control.


Jarart said...

So nice to meet everyone and put a face to the blog.

Anonymous said...

Snow there, fire down under. I hope everyone manages.

Granny J said...

cat-A -- hah! it's mid-afternoon, the storm is still over LA -- as well as here in Prescott and my house is chilly. Ugh!

bro -- that's a lot hotter than it gets here. Big fires like those in Victoria are truly scary, poor folks!

jarart -- twas a great to see everybody around that table!

steve -- trying my best to keep warm, I am.

Anonymous said...

Is the cat part of your survival food plan?

Granny J said...

anon anon -- tsk! tsk! Such a bad idea -- he'd be too old and tough!

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