Friday, February 06, 2009

Downtown critter still life

Amongst the other kitsch that catches my eye as I walk about down to the Square are the still-life critters. Take this jay, for example. Not that I think the representation is all that great -- but, on the other hand, the scrub jays that occupy my yard move far too fast for me to photograph them, so I have to make do with this less lively bird in a neighbor's yard.

However, when I pulled today's pictures from my archive, what I really had in mind was critters I see downtown, near the Square. Like the firehouse hound dog who points this way and that over at the Old Firehouse Plaza.

Or the rooster sitting on the fence at, yes, Rooster's, the little cafe over on South Montezuma. And while on the subject of foodservice, there's this announcement about the new occupant of what had been Fazzoli's on Sheldon Street (below). Yep, Panda Express. I hope they do better than their predecessor, though I've been surprised at how drivers who pass by this location keep asking if I've heard what's going in at that spot. They just don't see that huge face staring at them. I find myself inclined to ask whether or not this is one of those locations that is doomed from the get-go for whatever reason.

Admittedly, the electioneering elephant isn't currently in season, but I felt he was a member in good standing of the downtown zoo, and there'll always be another election and another GOP candidate.

And now for the newest -- and greatest -- addition to the collection: the ring-tailed tabby cat at the library. He/she is the companion of the library's new horney toad sculpture. Don't you just want to scratch behind those ears?

Prescott Collections: There are times I get nostalgic for previous posts, figuring that I've already photographed and written about the choicest subjects. This time, I decided that it was time to list some of those favorites, right up near the top of the right hand column. You might like to look at these old posts, too. They're just a click away.


Lucy said...

Love that cat! The kitsch is fun too, of course...

Anonymous said...

Panda Express? Chinese takeout?

Granny J said...

lucy -- by me, that cat is a really fine piece of work that I'd love to have on my door steps.

steve -- yep! It did take a long time for the classic form of take-out to generate a fast food concept.

Linda G. said...

Fun stuff, GJ! That's the cat for me! No sneezes there:)
I love your favorite blog idea. I've already been to filling stations and am off to revisit the others.

Granny J said...

lindag -- it's an idea I've had stirring around for months, but finally got aroundtuit. I've got a few other categories that I'll put up in due time. Your covered bridge was wonderful & a surprise. Now, a question: what was the reason for covered bridges???? Wasn't there one on the White Spar where it crosses Granite Creek?

Anonymous said...

Wow! There was once a covered bridge on the White Spar?


~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

anon av -- thus far, the only one I know about officially is the one LindaG posted at her new Prescott Past blog, which was over the Hassayampa River up near the lake. However, I had heard vaguely somewhere that there was also one on White Spar over the Granite Creek crossing. I'm waiting for Linda to confirm. In the meantime, you should take a look at her old postcards. Her husband has a collection that she is scanning.

Linda G. said...

GJ, I'm not aware of a covered bridge on Whte Spar, t there could have been.
I think the purpose of those little houses was to keep snow and ice off bridges as they tend to get slick and a slide could send ou over the edge..
The little bridge in the picture I posted is quite a bit higher than Prescott, close to 2000 feet and snow really piled up in those days.

Granny J said...

lindag -- thanks for the explanation. I was beginning to think it was to keep the horses from looking over in an abyss & freaking out.

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