Saturday, July 11, 2009


As of mid-afternoon, everybody is gone. Even the last two tadpoles, who joined their buddy who moved to the neighbors' fish pond a couple of days ago.

As of this morning, we had a two-legger (above) and a four-legger (below).

The two legger was carried by OmegaMom in a small gelato dish to the pond; the granddotter carried the nearing froghood critter in her hands. figuring that he was almost ready for the open air.

Goodbye, tadpoles! Enjoy your new lives as frogs. Meet your cousin or brother or sis (below), photographed by our neighbor, who reported that the little spider had attached a guideline to the froglet's nose. Neighbor wondered how long the spider lasted after that foolish maneuver.

A few hours later, the dotter and granddotter were packed and in the rental car on their way to Sky Harbor and thence Alaska. It's lonely here, with just me and the Max cat, but I had a wonderful three weeks with all my family.

Links: Steve Lummer posted an interesting, behind-the-scenes angle on the July 4th fireworks, while Touch Wind travelled to Patagonia where even the pizza parlor featured cool metal figures (scroll down -- there are six separate posts in the series). Then there's The Modulator with the July 10 Friday Ark, featuring a long list of recent critter posts.


Steve said...

After having a houseful I bet it seems even more quiet than normal.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Our long anticipated incursion by two daughters and grand daughter(note how I spell it conventionally) occurs in a week and a bit. Normal hurrying scurring and worrying are occuring and I assume that chaos will evolve into some sort of order.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...


Our frog/s is/are hibernating. I counted eleven graduates at the height of the transmogrification season, but have no idea how many made it further.


Changes in the wind said...

Remembering how hard it was when my kids lived away and would come and visit and then leave......Always felt that just about the time I got use to having them here it was time for them to leave..........

Granny J said...

steve -- so true; I've had to turn on NPR to compensate, as if that does the trick.

bro -- the chaos is well worth it, however. I called in Merry Maids to handle most of it!

bro, again -- didn't know you had frogs much less 11 of the amphibs.

changes -- the visits are all too short. However, the dotter will be back at the height of Alaska's dark to soak up the sun for a week.

Lucy said...

Always quiet when the tadpoles go!

I have enjoyed seeing what you've been seeing, especially the fruit and veg and flowers, and the wonderful spirit carvings.

Have a good rest now!

Granny J said...

lucy -- it's too dang quiet.

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