Monday, July 20, 2009

Greater Cordes, pop. 11

Continuing our ladies' outing adventure on Monday: here is Cordes, Arizona, established as a stage stop in 1883 by John and Lizzie Cordes -- today, the Cordes Station store is owned and operated by their great-great-granddaughter, serving up snacks, drinks, antiques and collecibles.

Cordes is located on the old Black Canyon Highway in lower (and hotter) desert country than I-17; the shotest route is via Duffer Road in Spring Valley.

Note the power lines. Things are actually quite up to date in Cordes -- including internet reception. And, speaking of the internet, there's a cool interview of Cathy, who runs the store, at YouTube.

The old gas pump still stands.

Here is the store (above) and a ranch house (below). (Note: the picture of the store was borrowed from the Cordes Station web site.)

Another group of buildings is hidden behind this big old barn. And that's about it, as far as I could see the other day. BTW: there's a rumor going about that ADOT is seriously considering a new, improved super-duper version of I-17, but set down in the lowlands where Cordes, Bumblebee, and Cleator are located. That would be a real pity; why can't they leave well enough alone?


Catalyst said...

Cool post, Julie, but if you've ever been stuck on I-17 because of an accident, you know why they need that new superhighway.

TomboCheck said...

Wow, never been to Cordes before! Might have to make a trip. :) Thanks for the introduction.

Anonymous said...

Did you get in the antiquery after your long drive? - sign says closed

Granny J said...

catA -- maybe 00 but why do they have to tar up & uproot another secion of pristine Old West to do it?

tombo -- suggst you get on the old Black Canyon Highway at Mayer & take it all the way to Black Canyon city.

anon -- it was Sunday, the weekend, which means tourist time, so they were open. Yes, I have more pictures to post of Stuff.

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