Friday, July 17, 2009

R.E.D. rides

Posting problem: how to differentiate yet another auto show from the previous one? Solution: focus entirely on the R.E.D. rides, in this case street rods. There were certainly plenty of arrest-me-red vehicles at the Middle School sports field over the Tsunami weekend.
Styles and ages varied all over the lot. This handsome pair (above, below) from before the first days of streamlining.

A bright R.E.D. pick-up with two more R.E.D. cars in the background. Below -- with its hood down as far as possible, this sporty auto looks like a clean version of those upended machines at the Cadillac Ranch outside Lubbock.

The weird beak (above) is open to display pristine innards (below).

And a new Govt. Motors moment -- a vintage Fiat, front and rear/

Anybody out there remember when two-tone cars were all the rage? And did any single one of you ever see a two-toner with R.E.D. as one of its elements (even the plum red, below)? I thought not -- no driver in his right mind back then would own a ride that garish.

A vision in plum red and chrome!

Bright R.E.D. trim is another current fashion. Above, wheels; below, motor parts and the running board (remember those?)

Finishing touches for the roadster above (and for this post!)


Steve said...

Nice autos. Nice photos.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Being an anachronist, seeing highly modified model A fords leaves me cold, notwithstanding the loving labour and mechanical ability, not to say dinero that is entailed. The E type Jag looked pristine as did the Fiat from the front--not the back though.

There were not many 37 fords made, why oh why did the one pictured have to have ports??

The sleek, long bonneted(hooded) two door may be a reinvented Studebaker of the ilk that Pop and Mom had--52-54ish.

Despite the foregoing, thanks for the photos--cars can be fun.


Steve said...

I also admired the Jag. Your Bro has a good eye.

Granny J said...

bro -- I knew that these pix would raise your hackles -- after all, the entire lot are blinged up street rods. (Not that I disagree, BTW)

steve -- we never had a Jag, but my LH drove out to Arizona from Chicago in our R.E.D. TR4.

azlaydey said...

RED on old cars is also known as "resale red".

Granny J said...

lady -- do the repo people do as good a job with their red as the street-rodders do? I'm always impressed with thr paint jobs I see at these shows.

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